Associate Ministers

(Pictured from Left to Right)

Rev. Kenny & Mrs. Rachelle Mattison

Rev. Clifton & First Lady Lessia Jackson (Retired)

Rev. Joseph & Mrs. Edith Senter

Rev. David & Mrs. Daureen Taylor

Rev. Brandon J. Moore (not pictured)


To Glorify God and edify humanity by providing spiritual leadership and guidance and to "serve tables": the Table of the Poor, the Table of the Church, and the Table of the Pastor.

-To seek to win souls for Christ through exemplary Christian lifesyle and witnessing
-To co-labor with the Pastor and fellow Deacons in carrying out God's work.
-To assist the Pastor in spiritual and administrative duties of the church.
-To assist the Pastor in administering the ordinances of the church (the Lord's Supper and Baptism if required).
-To promote church unity and harmony, and provide for the welfare of the membership.



Casey Dockery
Eddie Guthrie
Dennis Kyle, Sr.
Kerry Patterson
James Scales, Co-Chair
Wendell Strickland
Rosalind Thompson, Co-Chair


To glorify God and edify humanity by fostering a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for worship.


Christian Education

Director of Education - Evelyn Kyle

To glorify God and edify humanity through Christian Education by offering opportunities to learn, grow and empower others to seek God in a more excellent way. 

Hosea: 4:6 My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.

Christian education is a lifelong process of learning, believing, growing and serving that is enabled in Christian community as Christians continue to study, worshp, fellowship and serve together. Areas of ministry consist of:
-Sunday School
-Vacation Bible School
-Youth Development Classes


The purpose of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Brotherhood is to be useful servants to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to our church, and to our community.

Through deed and action the Brotherhood aspires to minister and fellowship with other brethern, regardless of church status in hope that this ministry will lead more men to Christ. Ultimately, the Brotherhood looks forward to welcoming these brethern into the church and its ministry thereby, enabling it to more effectively support other ministries in the church to grow the church and to extend the church's missionary vision.

Music/Combined Choir

Our musicians better known as JAM - Jesus' Anointed Musicians

Pianist - Carroll Thompson
Organist - JD Kyle 
Drumers - Devin Mattison, Kendall Mattison, Ezra Fulkerson
Bassist - Rev. Joe Senter
Guitarist - Danny Riley
Honorable Mention - Evelyn Kyle (Tamborine)
Choir Directors: Katina Cloud / Alicia Mattison / Trulette Strickland


Transportation to any service is available by calling the church before noon on Friday. 

Haywood Thaxton
Aaron Bryan
Wendell Strickland
Casey Dockery

Missionary Circle #3

Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm (with the exception of June & July)

To glorify God and edify humanity by instilling in our members a spiritual zeal to be dedicated Christian servants in our home, Church and community. 

-To promote a study of the scriptures through monthly discussion leaders
-To be Christ like in our everyday lives
-To provide fruitful ministries for Christ
-To provide mission ministries to those in need
-To support local, district, regional, national and foreign mission endeavors
-To foster full Christian development among young people
- To enhance our knowledge of Baptist Church Doctrines
-To provide fellowship and service opportunities for adult females

Phoebe Ministry

Phoebe meets the 3rd Saturday of each month of at 10:00am

Phoebe Ministy is a group of Christian women working together as "Helpers in Christ" serving the Church and Community. Our mission is to encourage Christian growth and fellowship by showing love.

Phoebe provides help to the elders, sick and shut-in, and bereaved families with visits, food baskets, paper goods baskets and cards. We also help school teachers with items needed such as children's clothes and school supplies. We also make and give heart pillows to cancer units and cancer patients. 

Phoebe also serves visiting ministers with food baskets for their rooms. We are also ready and available to help with special needs as requested of the Pastor and the church. 


Coordinator - Danyell Summers
Audio/Visual Sound Room with CD recording capability. Inside/Outside camera security camera recording.


Coordinator - Trulette Strickland
Edify Christ and chronical the events and history of the church through pictures.  

LSIA (Little Sisters in Action)

Advisors: Jeannine Blevins /Evelyn Kyle /Rosalind Thompson
Meets Second Wednesday of every month at 6pm
(with the exception of June and July)

To glorify God and edify humanity by fostering the growth of a generation of Godly young women who love God, His word and embrace His standards. To encourage young women to grow in Holy Boldness and the desire to please and serve God with their lives. 

To mentor and foster the transition of young girls 13-18 into Christian womanhood through the study of God's word and additional educational resources that enable them to make right choices, while encouraging them to come to know who they are in Christ and to develop a growing personal relationship with Christ.


SWAG (Sisters with Amazing Grace)

Advisor: Daureen Taylor
Meets second Wednesday of every month at 6pm (with the exception of June and July) 

To glorify God and edify humanity by guiding Preteens in their journey to become who they were created by their Creator to be. To encourge them to develop the boldness to let their walk reflect a Christ-like maturity. To prepare them to be equipped for their ministry in the church and in the world. 

To foster development and growth in preteens ages 11-13 in their relationship with God through the study of His word, age appropriate activities and service opportunities in the community. To help them understand truths and principles that will guide them through the issues, decisions and questions they face on the journey to becoming teenagers.

Sunshine Band

Advisor: Edna Simmons
Meets second Wednesday of every monthat 6pm (with the exception of June & July)

To glorify God and edify humanity by leading young children to learn about Jesus and His love for them with the hope for them to receive Him into their hearts at an early age. 

To help young children ages 3-7 learn about Jesus at his/her level of understanding through the use of Bible Stories, Bible verse memorization, related arts, skits and socialization skills. We lead by example as we strive to be consistent in our display of love for God and others, as we gently and lovingly encourage their desire to know Jesus and receive his gift of Salvation.


Advisors: Rachelle Mattison / Kelly Thompson
Meets second Wednesday of every month at 6pm (with the exception of June and July)

To glorify God and edify humanity as we lead young people to know who God is.

To bring young people ages 8-10 to know the knowledge of God through the study of His word, Christian learning resources and age appropriate activities. Teaching them how to have a personal relationship with God through prayer. 


Advisors: Evelyn Kyle / Rosalind Thompson

Meets Wednesday at 6pm (with the exception of June and July)

To glorify God and edify humanity as we aspire to develop a love for God and His word in our youth through Bible study, youth activities, additional age appropriate educational resources. Involvement in the church, and participating in community service opportunities, with a goal to develop young men and women infused with the Word of God in their hearts, a desire to serve and equipped to lead.

To bring teens ages 14-18 into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to know Him on a personal level. To equip and empower them through the teaching of God's Word to face the challenges of life, and to be servants and to be servants and soul winners for the kingdom.