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**We would like to reserve the upper parking lot for attendees with disabilities and our worship guests.**
**All other members are encouraged to park in the lower lot.** 

Morning Worship will begin at 10:30 in the sanctuary. 
Doors will open at 8:45a.m.  Sunday School will begin at 9 in the sanctuary.  

Please note the following updates to our protocols:

1.  Mask wearing is manditory effective August 7, 2022.
2.  Social distancing will be reinforced effective August 7, 2022.  
3.  The front church entrance will be open from 8:45a.m. to 10:45p.m. 
4.  Both sanctuary entrances (at upper parking lot) will remain open for duration of Sunday School and Morning Worship.
5.  Any attendees needing assistance with entering the building or masks should enter through the front sanctuary door.  Additionally, a handicap ramp is located at this door for easy access.
6. Tithes/Offerings may be dropped off at the altar when entering the building or during the offertory. 

Other updates will be forthcoming as the Leadership Team continues to meet and make adjustments to protocols.